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Liquor Liability Insurance in Mount Dora

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In today’s world where lawsuits and claims can be served to business owners without prior notice – one has to take precautionary measures to stay protected from such scenario. Same goes more commonly with businesses that serve alcoholic beverages as these are much exposed to lawsuits with charges ranging from serving liquor to someone who got intoxicated and later got involved in an accident. 


Liquor liability insurance provides maximum protection for your business against claims that could come up due to the fact that a patron of your business became intoxicated and hurt himself or someone else. In the place where your business produces, trades, serves, or provides alcohol to others, you sure do need this coverage.


For Liquor liability insurance coverage in Florida, it can be bought into by bars, pubs, restaurants, breweries and wineries amongst other bartending services serving alcoholic beverages. You need it because it will also help to protect your business from claims that may come up from the incidental service of alcohol, even those served at a company function.


Note that a general liability policy does not shield your business against liquor associated claims if you are in the business of producing, vending, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages in Florida.

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With our ideal Liquor Liability Insurance solutions – you will enjoy full protection for liability damages for your food service businesses such as related to hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts services, amongst others.

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